Julian Palacz

Konstantin Kaiser

Vogelspuren im Schnee / traces of birds in the snow

What do our daily tasks result in? Tasks hold numerous components of contradictive, complementary and emphasizing motions and elements. Due to the complexity of circumstances and actions they are not entirely foreseeable. The application records the motion of the cursor regardless of countless options. An aesthetic surprise is revealed after a limited period of time: a dense web of inextricable links and expressive aggregations that seem to emanate tension threatening to burst a concealed and invisible meaning.

Bird tracks photographed in falling light hold similar qualities of straying search. We claim to know what birds are looking for separated from their prey by a hard layer of snow. What we aim to attain or wish to attain is masked by selective memory. Therefore our search is molded by our desire to attain as much as our focus and cross points. We are amused by the view of our own movement and our being moved.