Julian Palacz

Julian Palacz ⋅ Eavesdroppings (1)
Julian Palacz ⋅ Eavesdroppings (2)Julian Palacz ⋅ Eavesdroppings (3)
Julian Palacz ⋅ Eavesdroppings (4)


engraving on insulation panel ⋅ 60×100×8cm ⋅ 2018

In his series “Eavesdroppings” the artist examines the invisible connections of wireless network signals that arise every day in private and public spaces. This elusive establishment of contact without any physical presence – or even human demands – leave behind information about their device owners and their behaviour. Concerning the permanent interconnectedness of these devices, Palacz is particularly interested in the spatial infiltration and representative connections, which create their own structures in urban spaces. He burns his observations of this constant and latent presence in insulating material and thus portrays a fragmentary moment of ephemeral networks from different local contexts.