Julian Palacz

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paperback book, 740 pages ⋅ Format DIN A5 ⋅ 2010

Palacz installed a software-keylogger on his home computer from June 2008 until February 2010 which served as an interface between keyboard and operating system therefore every entry on the keyboard was registered. The system output of the keylogger of this time period constitutes END TELL. END TELL is an empirical study of the first step of human-computer interface. A so-called “neuroprint” of the relationship between computer and man. END TELL is criminal profile and artistic expression of digital literature, because its means of existence is software. The hidden properties of the computer as an entity are deliberately and aesthetically brought to light. Moreover the technical process and related background including codes are presented hence leading to a new language. The perception of this new language is the foremost focus. The prior unobtrusive code is put aside by a new gaze and context – elevated into art – into literature. [...]

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