Julian Palacz

Julian Palacz ⋅ Polizei stirbt aus (1)Julian Palacz ⋅ Polizei stirbt aus (2)

Polizei stirbt aus

Performance, C-Print ⋅ 70×107cm ⋅ 2011

Reenactment of “Police lies” He calls this digital photography from the year 2011 in front of the Police station at the house of justice in Vienna “police dies out” while pointing out the theatrical sense of Peter Weibels media critic photography “police lies” from 1971, representing and positioning himself strategically at exact the same location 40 years later. Palacz sees Weibel’s elliptic sentence “police lies” as a statement and a call. The meaning of the space between the letters “lüg t” indicates an imperative, confronting a lying police with a self-protective false statement aswell. Thinking of it as a tactical shield, Palacz tries to be a bit of an ideology critic in a non-modernistic way, not talking about the common understanding of wrongs and rights in an aporic term. Much more focusing on the wrongness and acceptance of it in every days life as the truth, hoping to deinstall the apparatus of truth and misinformation, appealing to self control in a civil society and dismantling the idea of a police state as an authority over truth and lies, information and falsehood.

Text by G. R. Schor