Julian Palacz

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Zeitmaschine / time machine

PCB, antenna, cellphone, answering machine ⋅ 50×65cm ⋅ 2010

The alchemy of my time machine is simple: A certain number is called from a mobile which connects the caller to a their personal and media related past an old, analogue answering machine of the brand Panasonic takes the call. A self-built GSM Gateway made of an old Nokia mobile and other electrical components imitates an analogue telephone line hence bridges the technical gap to the Panasonic KX-1450 answering machine. The messages are recorded "old school" by a tape. After two rings a east-german message can be heard: "Hello! This is the number of Bernd and Marion, we are not available at the moment. Please leave a message and we will call you back. Thank you. Bye!" The machine was bought on eBay and the message was a legacy of the original owner.